On my site you will see thousands of
examples of gear that i have made. You
can choose from most of the items you
see or you can create your own custom
gear made from your designs. Simply
email me at
and tell me exactly what you would like
to order from the site or how you want
your custom gear to look including any
pics you may have drawn up of your
design and i will email you back with
a price quote.

IF YOU DON'T SEE AN EMAIL from me in a day or so please check your SPAM FOLDER as it may have went there.

I ship just about anywhere in the world
and guarantee the best quality wrestling
gear you can find.

                            EZ Money

Pro Trunks
Long Tights
Butchers / Singlets
Biker Shorts
Pleather Pants
Baggy Shorts
Kneepad Covers
Hoodies, Vests, Shirts
Picture Tights

Tons of Examples
of Custom Gear
Questions & Prices
Satisfied Customers
Let me know exactly how you would like your gear to look and i can give you a price on it.
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