EZTights.com is now proud to offer what you've been wanting for years. Professional looking and great feeling kickpads. Made with actual high quality and very durable  3/8 inch thick ETHAFOAM padding. Not like most of the kickpads you see for sale on the internet which are made of regular foam which will deteriorate in a short period of time.  Please email me for price quotes. Custom orders done also.
Styles 1, 2, 4, 6 are $99.99   Styles 3 and 5 are $89.99 and style 7 is $129.99     
Style 9 is $109.99 with outline or $89.99 without outline and is available in solid colors ready to ship.
STYLE 6 With Horns
STYLE 7 without stars
STYLE 8 with or without skulls
STYLE 9 with or without outline
Style 9 is available in solid colors ready to ship also.
Colors are Black, Red, Blue, White, Purple, Silver, Gold, Neon Green
ready to ship
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