How do I go about placing an order?
You can either choose from most of the examples you see on the website and change them to suit your needs or come up with your own custom design.  Then send me  an email describing in detail exactly how you want everything to be.   Also include any pictures you have of logos you want on the tights.  If you can come up with a drawing of exactly how you want them to look that would be great.  After i receive all your information i can give you a price quote. email me at
What kind of payments are accepted?
I accept paypal, money orders and sometimes if need be i will accept
western union transfers.
What are the prices of everything?
Here is a list of the prices if you are ordering a SOLID COLOR. Designs
are extra. The final price depends on the difficulty of the design.

Kickpads style 1, 2 or 4    
Kickpads stlye 3               
Pleather or spandex pants 
Biker shorts                      
Long tights                       
Butchers with full legs       
Sleeveless shirts                 
Pleather or spandex shorts
Hooded vests                     
Regular vests                     
Sleeveless hooded jacket   
Kneepad covers                 
Kickpad covers                 
How much are the shipping charges?
Shipping within the United States is $8.50
Shipping to anywhere in the world is $13.00
Do you ship to other countries?
Yes, i will ship to any country worldwide.
Do your tights and pants come with a drawstring or an elastic waist?
Yes, all of my gear comes with an elastic waist and a drawstring free of charge.
Do you make knee length pants or shorts?
Yes i can make them however long you want them to be. All of my orders
are custom made for each individual.